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TruffleFor several years, The Brotherhood, or in Occitan, “la Confrérie Los Trufaïres de Vilanova de Menerbès” have organised from December to February on one Saturday morning a month, a truffle market for black truffles (Tuber melanosporum).

The truffle producers offer for sale the famous mushroom which has been checked by a judge in order to remove truffles which are not yet mature, damaged, or those which have been previously frozen.
The price is of course dependent upon the going rate.

As well as buying truffles, you can also:

• Wander among the plane trees where you will find local producers selling their produce (olive oil, honey, cheese, wine, charcuterie, knives, mycorhized trees,...).

• Watch a cooking demonstration by a local chef as he prepares a dish based on truffles.

• Enjoy a tasting of truffle based appetizers at the Brotherhood’s own bar, or leave with a dish with garnished with truffles.

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